Category: Trademark Filing Requirements

Trademark Identification of Goods/Services

One important step prior to filing a trademark registration application is determining what types of goods and/or services will be offered in connection with the mark. The selected goods or services will be submitted with the trademark application and will dictate the scope of protection of the registration. The choice of goods and services is

Complete Trademark Application

A complete application is required for registration (but not necessarily for receiving an application filing date). A trademark application is complete when it includes all of the following: A request for registration The applicant’s name The applicant’s address The applicant’s citizenship

Dates of First Use

All trademark applications are required to include the “dates of first use.” For a use-based trademark application, you must provide the dates of first use at the initial time of filing. For an intent-to-use trademark application, you must provide the dates of first use in the later-filed allegation of use. The dates of first use refer to using the mark with the goods and/or services identified in the trademark application. The dates of first use include…

How to Choose your Trademark Specimen

The specimen is the proof that you are using your trademark. Trademark law (and by extension, the USPTO) is particular about what qualifies as an acceptable specimen. An unacceptable specimen will result in a refusal of the trademark application. So, it is important to submit an acceptable specimen. The essential rule of thumb is that…