standard character drawing

Also known as a wordmark. One of two types of visual depictions of a mark sought to be registered (the other being a special form drawing). This drawing type shows a mark in text only (without a design) in no particular font style, size, or color. Registered marks with standard character drawings receive the broadest protection for a mark. An applicant must submit a depiction of the mark as well as a standard character claim.

The depiction must:

  1. Show text only (no graphics/logos/designs, no color, no stylization)
  2. Display the mark in black on a white background
  3. Show all letters and words in Latin characters (A-Z)
  4. Show all numerals in Roman (VII, IX) and/or Arabic (0-9) numerals
  5. Include only common punctuation (colon, dashes) or diacritical marks (accents, tildes).