special form drawing (stylized/design mark)

One of two types of visual depictions of a mark sought to be registered (the other being a standard character drawing). This drawing type is for marks with stylized lettering, a design or logo, and/or color. An applicant must submit a depiction of the mark as well as a description of the mark.

The depiction must:

  1. Display the mark, if the mark is not in color, in black on a white background, or, if the mark is in color, in color on a white background
  2. Display a high-quality image of the mark drawing that reproduces well with all lines appearing clean, sharp and solid, and not fine or crowded.

The description of the mark must consist of an accurate and concise description of everything appearing in the mark: all text and design elements, and the location of any color, if relevant.

The mark in special form must be a “substantially exact” (essentially the same) representation of the mark as it appears on the specimen or on the foreign registration, as appropriate.