Natural agricultural products

Class 31 for goods under the International Classification of Goods and Services.

This class includes raw and unprocessed agricultural, aquacultural, horticultural and forestry products; raw and unprocessed grains and seeds; fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs;natural plants and flowers; bulbs, seedlings and seeds for planting; live animals; foodstuffs and beverages for animals; malt.

Explanatory Note

Class 31 includes mainly land and sea products not having been subjected to any form of preparation for consumption, live animals and plants, as well as food­stuffs for animals.

This Class includes, in particular:

  • unprocessed cereals;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables, even after washing or waxing;
  • plant residue;
  • unprocessed algae;
  • unsawn timber;
  • fertilized eggs for hatching;
  • fresh mushrooms and truffles;
  • litter for animals, for example, aromatic sand, sanded paper for pets.

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • cultures of micro-organisms and leeches for medical purposes (Cl. 5);
  • dietary supplements for animals and medicated animal feed (Cl. 5);
  • semi-worked woods (Cl. 19);
  • artificial fishing bait (Cl. 28);
  • rice (Cl. 30);
  • tobacco (Cl. 34).